A stroll through the cemetery

October 19, 2019

Historic Old City Cemetery

Good afternoon friends. For me, the day started early. My car needed to be serviced. I think I take my present car in more often to be serviced than my previous one. I miss older model vehicles. Smart cars and smart homes aren't necessarily better. Too much tech can be a pain, especially when a problem arises. The repairs always cost a lot too.

I got the car fixed in time to make it to Capitol Crimes venture to Sacramento's Historic Old City Cemetery. Our group received a personal tour. It sounds strange, but the cemetery was quite beautiful. The weather was pleasant, and our tour guides provided mysterious, sometimes gruesome stories. The partially cloudy day, an occasional breeze with sudden cloud cover gave a slightly disturbing edge to the event. I enjoyed myself perhaps more than I should have given the surroundings. Good company, intriguing stories, and nice fall weather combined to provide me with an enjoyable morning. I recommend signing up for a tour, but at least give the cemetery a visit. I got a lot of inspiration from walking among the dead.

I believe I am ready to abandon my writing hiatus. Ideas have plagued me every night of my sabbatical. Third Shift didn't find a home with a publisher or an agent. I am sending it to my personal manuscript cemetery, where it will lie among its ancestors.

However, never a quitter, I am incorporating many of those ideas and concepts into a new story. As the new manuscript takes shape, I'll be sure to share it with my friends.

Pitch Wars will be announce the selected writers in November. I would love to be chosen, but I'll have to wait to hear like everyone else.

Please join us at Capitol Crimes. We are the Sacramento branch of Sisters in Crime. We meet monthly. Visit the website. Readers, writers, all are welcome.

Back to writing. Have a good week.