Black Book Fair

June 1, 2019

Black Book Fair

The Black Book Fair was nice. I meet the Isaac Serwanga, author of How to Network is College. He seemed to be a bright young man. He attended Princeton. Now he works as a motivational speaker. I had him autograph a book for my son. The day was very hot though, so I didn't stay too long

I just finished reading The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman. The story was original, the humor not so much, but I enjoyed it. Would recommend it. I finished it in 3 days. 

I bought a nice bag from an Ethiopian business in a mobile store in a small truck  parked across the street from Underground Books called Bahel gifts.

The proprietress at Underground Books, Mother, gave me a great discount on Walter Mosleys' book Rose Gold
I needed a hiatus from writing. Reading books always motivates my writing. I am not sure if I will start querying Third Shift right now. I'll take a look at it again, and consider how to proceed. I plan to tweet about my book for #pitmad on June 6th. Hope to see you on twitter. Be well.