Capitol Crimes Author Meetup

November 18, 2019

Introducing Author Simon Wood

Saturday, November 16th, Capitol Crimes welcomed author Simon Wood to the Rancho Cordova library. This was my first author meeting with Capitol Crimes. Mr. Wood had a full room of interested writers and readers. He entertained us with stories of his escapades. He has led an interesting life. I never met a race car driver before. Race car driving features in one of his novel series.

He spoke a lot about his book Terminated. I found it interesting that he has rewritten several of his books, one book four times. I realized later that I had recently read one of his books, The One That Got Away. Strong recommendation.

Come out and join us. 

 Still slugging away on my manuscript revision, Family, Monsters, and Zaubers. Just passed 40K words. Hope you are participating in NaNowriMo2019. It really helps to track your progress. On track to finish by early December. Need to speed that up. Hope to write a lot during the Thanksgiving break.

Be well writers.