Difficult week

October 13, 2019

Overwhelmed with work

Busy week. Working on a large important project right now. Still on hiatus from writing, but that doesn't stop the ideas from coming. This morning, I woke up with a great idea for a short story. Will write down the ideas, but I don't intend to start writing yet. I have one more book on my African American women crime mystery writers series. Then I have There There to read. 

I doubt I'll start writing again until November. The break is much needed. Let my brain rest, and enjoy my first love - reading. 

I read two books this week. The Step Between by Penny Mickelbury. An African American female lawyer works at private security firm. Strong, intelligent and independent, Carole Ann tries to locate a missing young woman. Soon, the bodies pile up, and Carole Ann becomes the focus of unwanted attention. Centered in DC, the mystery involves some important corporate businesses. I could easily see this book as a motion picture. Action packed, there is a subtle romance to the story. Strong recommendation.

At midnight, I finished If I Should Die, by Grace Edwards. The novel was a journey through Harlem. The protagonist, Mali, was fired from the NYPD after she assaulted another fellow police officer that was harassing her. While her lawsuit against the department trudges through the court system, she works on a degree in social work. When her good friend is murdered, she relentlessly pursues answers. Each answer though, brings more questions. The killers make the case personal, attacking her friends and family. Then she takes the battle into the enemy's camp. An underlying romance with a history lesson makes If I Should Die a favorite for this year. A must read.

I've been stalking #PWteasers. Seems like there is a lot of talent out there. More good books to come. 

Remember Sisters in Crime local chapter Capitol Crimes will be meeting next Saturday at the Sacramento Historic Cemetery. Join us.

Good writing friends. Hope everyone has a nice week.