February 29, 2020

Writing fatigue

This is a good time to write about fatigue. This morning I woke up at 6am, and started writing. I wanted to rest, but ideas flooded my mind. I couldn't rest, thinking about my manuscript. So, to calm my mind, I worked on my revisions for my thriller.

Have you ever been in that sweet spot? Where ideas just flow. You find the right words for your sentences. The plot scenes fall into the proper places. For me, today was that day. Not everything fit perfectly in my manuscript, but I accomplished a lot. In fact, I completed the entire manuscript. I wrote for ten hours straight. Only stopping to make myself some grits - and of course bathroom breaks. My brain is exhausted. But I feel satisfied. 

My mystery manuscript is still with the editor. I'm nervous. What problems has the editor found? If the corrections are minimal, I might consider querying this spring. I had some agents express interest during a prior #pitmad, but I became anxious. Decided it wasn't ready. I never submitted it to anyone. When it got rejected for #pitchwars, I shelved it. If I get positive feedback from the editor, I'll run it by my beta readers again.

I finished Rose Gold by Walter Mosley. It was great, of course. It amazes me how many books he has written. I can't wait for Bouchercon. If I could meet Walter Mosley, I'd be thrilled. Is it alright to ask writers to autograph your books at these conferences?

I volunteered to help with the webinars for SIC. I'm a little nervous, but Chris Goff and Lisa Malice have been very supportive. I proctor my first webinar in March. I'll let y'all know how it goes. 

As usual, I take a week off from writing after finishing revisions. I'm considering placing my thriller and mystery manuscripts on hold. I have some good ideas for a suspense novel. Too many ideas, not enough time. 

My garden has suffered. I guess next week will be green thumb week. 

Time to go. Good writing friends. Be well.