Goodbye Spring

June 9, 2019

Day in Day out

Nothing new to announce. Working. I haven't been able to write during the week. No inspiration and several books to read. All the books I had on hold at the library came due at the same time. I returned two. The writing was good, but the story line typical and predictable. Literary agents ask for originality, but what sells is the usual story plots.

I managed to get some writing done this weekend on my new manuscript. I also joined two mystery writers groups: Sisters in crime and Capitol Crime. Hopefully it will be educational and companionable. 

No hits from #pitmad for my first manuscript. Apparently no one wants vampires and werewolves. 

Next weekend I will be participating in CWC's Pitch Live! Let's see if anyone likes my pitch. I also have some questions for the two literary agents that will be there. 

Back to writing.