May 23, 2019


I was busy today tweeting during #pitdark. I received a like from an agent. I'll let you know if anything comes from it. I hope so. I am still working on my second manuscript. After someone mentioned how often he used the word was, I checked Third Shift and noticed how often I used it. I'm editing most of them out. It's taking more time than I expected.

Last weekend I attended a writers workshop by Heather Lazare. It was really good. She is very nice. Her advice was helpful. She's a good presenter. Even shared a story about Fifty Shades of Gray. 

Last week, I also completed reading My Sister, the Serial Killer, by O. Braithwaite. The story was original, and easy to read. It shows the bonds of sisters. I already ordered the paperback. 

Well, back to my writing. I am still on a query break. Not sure when I'll start back up.