Learning never stops

February 15, 2020

Never stop learning

Three day weekends are such a blessing. I spent this weekend at two different writing groups. I wish the organizations wouldn't all have their meetings on the same day of the month. Today, I learned so much I developed a headache. My brain couldn't handle it all.

This morning, I attended the Sacramento California Writers Club meeting in Rancho Cordova. Amos White was the scheduled guest speaker. Unfortunately, ninety minutes into the meeting, he had yet to speak. I had to leave to attend another meeting. Fortunately, I gained some information from my fellow members before I left and made some new friends.

Nida Spalding mentioned California Update, She has some articles on the website. Another member mentioned that the opportunity to participate in Literary Review with California Writers Club is still open. Submission ends February 29, 2020. Read more at
Then I journeyed to the Sacramento Rancho Cordova library for the monthly meeting of Capitol Crimes,, the local branch of Sisters in Crime. Our guest speaker was Robin Burcell (pictured on the left). Her presentation on incorporating police procedures in writing was on point. Helpful and educational. I have police officers in both my manuscripts. I will be making changes, for the better, given Robin's presentation.

She spoke about her books before and with Clive Cussler. She very graciously answered our questions on police procedures and her collaboration with Cussler. After her presentation, I went up to speak with her. I'm always impressed when a successful author takes time to speak with someone beginning their career. She offered me advice and encouragement. Thank you Robin. So grateful.

She also recommended some resources to learn more about law enforcement and how to incorporate those concepts in writing. She recommended Writers Police Academy. Their 2020 meeting will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina. The other website she recommended was Rogue Women Writers at www.roguewomenwriters. She has some blogs there which any writer would find helpful. I intend to check them out. You should too. With a 27 year career in law enforcement, she knows her stuff. She is also a forensic artist. Wild. 

Presently, my mystery manuscript, Write Club, is with the editor. I received feedback from my beta readers on my thriller. Working on revisions now. Hope to have it ready for an editor by summer. I have decided to change the title for my thriller - again. What can I say? Writing is a constant work in process.

Enough for now friends. Be well.