March 14, 2020

No excuses

    As any member of the human race can attest, right now our planet is suffering through a novel coronavirus pandemic. For the last few weeks we have witnessed the strengths and weaknesses of our species. An example of one of those frailties has been the hoarding. Hand sanitizer, and for some reason toilet paper, have been sequestered. Advertised for sale to the highest bidder. Having experienced several severe weather events in my life, I am all too familiar with this despicable behavior. The impact upon my life has been minimal compared to others. I'm still working, and commuting on mass transit. Fortunately, I have not needed any supplies up to this point. I'll view the apocalypse that is the grocery store tomorrow. I pray there will be no drama, and the shelves will contain some food.

    I received my manuscript back from the editor this week. My perusal of the edits was brief. I plan to work on the revisions this weekend. California is finally getting some rain. Perfect scenario for writing. Currently, I am baking some danish. Once finished, they will nicely complement my tea. Then, I will have all the supplies needed for a great writing day.

    Most writing events have been cancelled because of the pandemic. Left Coast Crime. Malice. My trip to Oakland with my girlfriends also fell victim to coronavirus. 

    Next week I speak with David Corbett about his upcoming webinar with Sisters in Crime. This will be the first webinar I host. I'm nervous. Not about speaking - I do that all the time. No, I'm worried about a possible internet snafu. I don't handle stress well. Wish me luck.

    Time to get back to writing. When I receive my next paycheck, I'll send my thriller manuscript to the editor. I hope to get my mystery WIP ready to query by this summer. I have three dream agents. I've decided to limit myself to ten agents to query. Initially, I'll start with my dream three team first. Will keep y'all posted. Enjoy your weekend. Good writing.