Reading List

October 2, 2019

Time for a break

I am still on a writing break. Catching up on my reading list. Presently, I am exploring African American mystery and crime writers. I might expand my list to include other writers of color. 

The most recent book I finished was Devil's Gonna Get Him by Valerie Wilson Wesley. The protagonist is an ex-cop who becomes a private detective. I love characters I can relate to. Tamara is a single mother struggling to provide for her son. The story takes place in New Jersey, but it could easily fit into any urban setting. The story incorporates realistic characters, and the plot moves quickly. The book is easy to read. Strong recommendation.  I'm already on my next book. 

Check out the article on implicit bias by my friend Dr. Stacie Walton at  . The court case involving Harvard regarding discrimination against Asian student applicants was just settled. The court found Harvard did not intentionally discriminate against Asian applicants. Implicit bias is an important issue. Dr. Walton conducts a monthly racial healing circle. If you have never attended a racial healing circle, give it a try. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.