Working for the weekend

October 4, 2019

Reading list

Still working down my reading list. Finished Mama Stalks the Past by Nora DeLoach last night. The novel is short and concise. The story envelops the reader in rural South Carolina. Mama is a serial detective in her small town, assisting the sheriff in solving local mysteries. The novel unfolds through the voice of Mama's daughter who is a paralegal in Atlanta. The story is rich with family and good southern food. You'll enjoy it.

I hadn't realized how tired I was from all my writing. I indulged a look at #PWteasers from the #PitchWars competition. From the tweets, it looks like the mentors have their hands full making their decisions. The announcements will be revealed in November. Can't wait.

I plan to spend the weekend riding my bicycle. Have fun friends.