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January 19, 2020

Manuscript revision

This weekend, I attended my first writing retreat. Of course, I designed the retreat, and was the only participant. But it worked.. I finished the revisions of my mystery manuscript. The same manuscript I submitted to #PitchWars, I incorporated the feedback I received from my beta readers and the #PitchWars mentors. Since I wasn't selected as a mentee, I decided to step away from the manuscript. Focus on a different WIP, until January. This year, I reread the manuscript. Got to work on revisions, which I just finished today.

The nice thing about revising your manuscript is that you get to enjoy the story while improving upon its faults. Understand where you wanted to take the plot, and where it deviated off course.

My manuscript is definitely better now than when I entered #PitchWars last fall. It's still not ready for querying, but I'm looking at soliciting the assistance of an editor. I found two editors from a Crime Writers of Color blog. Reached out to one of the editors. The manuscript should be ready by the end of January for her review. Although I finished one round of revisions, I want to go through it at least one more. Catch the small errors so the editor can help with the larger issues.

By the way, Crime Writers of Color, has a new website. Check it out.

I'm reading a new novel. I'm determined to complete it this week. Last week, I finished The Never Game by Jeffrey Deaver. I enjoyed his main character Colton. The plot moved smoothly, quickly. It was entertaining from beginning to end. A twist at the end of the story teased the reader for the next installment.

I hope everyone had a productive weekend. Be well. Happy reading and writing.